In our Ninja Warrior Gym category, we will be discussing everything we offer in our Five Star gyms along with the different equipment that we have for giving you the most efficient and rewarding training experience. We also cover the variety of Ninja Warrior classes we offer as well as the unique events and camps we offer for both members and non-members to enjoy participating in at our gyms. Our gym is meant to create a safe space for people to challenge themselves, whether it’s training for the Ninja Warrior competitions or just simply looking to improve fitness and agility.

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  3. Why Ninja Warrior Gyms Are Growing In Popularity

    The growth of the ninja warrior gym has been exponential over these past few years. People are looking for new ways to exercise and stay active in a way that keeps them motivated and keeps their attention, and these gyms do just that. What makes them so enticing to many different types of people of …Read More

  4. 5 Reasons To Sign Your Kids Up For Ninja Classes

    Ever since the rise of the hit show American Ninja Warrior, ninja classes have been sweeping the nation — being offered in gymnastics gyms and obstacle course gyms alike. While the benefits ninja warrior classes have to offer for athletes training for obstacle course competitions are well known, t…Read More