Our ‘Obstacle Course Training’ posts emphasize the aspects of our training programs that are beneficial for those training for any variety of obstacle course competitions including the mud runs, spartan races, warrior dashes, and the wide variety of others that are becoming popular today. We will also be discussing the multitude of benefits that obstacle course training can provide for you physically and mentally no matter if you are training for a specific competition or simply looking to better your overall fitness and physique. We specifically emphasize in many posts the benefits obstacle course training can provide children as a fun form of exercise that keeps them active for better lives long term.

  1. Get A Grip On Obstacle Course Training

    A major shift has been occurring in the world of fitness as people everywhere are moving past simply working out and have begun training. Everyone is chasing goals these days, whether it be a certain standard of living, a specific job, or a certain physique, which has led to fitness transitioning in…Read More

  2. Ninja Warrior Obstacle Courses Explained

    When watching American Ninja Warrior on TV, you might be perplexed by some of the complex obstacles that are featured in the competitions and how they ever came to fruition. Or, if you’re one of our amazing members participating in obstacle course training in one of our Five Star Ninja Warrior gym…Read More