Five Star Ninja Warrior Training Classes


We have classes that will prepare you to become a strong warrior on the ninja course or during a mud run race. Our ninja warrior trainers are elite athletes, nationally certified fitness professionals, and the experts in obstacle course races. Our goal is to offer a safe space for you to challenge yourself. You will be challenged based on your personal ability. We offer modifications and support you through the entire process.

Open for ages six and above who would like to try out the ninja warrior obstacle course before committing to a monthly membership.

Specifically designed for teens and young adults ages 12 – 21 years old, these obstacle course training classes are meant to fit all ability levels.

For those never trained in an obstacle course warrior gym, we walk through the basics of ninja warrior training. You will learn the safety protocols of the obstacle course, basic stretches, and beginner-level obstacle racing techniques with an experienced ninja athlete.

In this class, you must have demonstrated that you mastered the white star and yellow star program or be approved by a coach.

This class is for all type of warriors from beginner to advanced levels. If you are training or identify yourself as a Spartan, OCR, Tough Mudder, Savage or Warrior Dash obstacle competitor, you will want to come to this ULTIMATE CIRCUIT  workout. During this ninja warrior training, we work with obstacles, stones, ropes, buckets of gravel, weights, sandbags, and items around the backyard to help improve strength endurance, cardio conditioning, and obstacles skills

Technique classes for obstacle course racers. If you struggle with your technique on the mud-run races, this is the obstacle course training class for you. You will learn how to efficiently navigate through obstacles without exhausting your muscles. The technique may be followed by a grip, cardio, or obstacle circuit program.

In order to fully prepare you for the limelight, we perform simulation exercises to give you a taste for what your obstacle course race day will feel like. You will participate in endurance training on a series of obstacles combined with a cardio workout. Our race days are once a month, so check our schedules for upcoming class times.