1. Real-Life Benefits Of Ninja Warrior Training

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  2. What To Expect In A Ninja Warrior Gym

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  3. Tips For At-Home Ninja Warrior Training

    When it comes to training for competition as physically demanding as American Ninja Warrior, it takes an extensive amount of preparation and specific exercises to be best-prepared for the variety of daunting obstacles that you will be faced with. While we at Five Star Ninja Warrior offer ninja warri…Read More

  4. Sneaky Ways To Help Your Child Love Exercise

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  5. Why Ninja Warrior Gyms Are Growing In Popularity

    The growth of the ninja warrior gym has been exponential over these past few years. People are looking for new ways to exercise and stay active in a way that keeps them motivated and keeps their attention, and these gyms do just that. What makes them so enticing to many different types of people of …Read More

  6. Get A Grip On Obstacle Course Training

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  7. How Ninja Warrior Training Is The Future Of Boys Fitness

    The Problem With Boys Fitness Today Overall, the needs of little boys are not being fully met in today’s society. They’re not being met at school, at home, and now even with sports. Parents and coaches alike have become so overly regimented in competition, training, records, and statistics that …Read More

  8. 5 Reasons To Sign Your Kids Up For Ninja Classes

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  9. Ninja Warrior Obstacle Courses Explained

    When watching American Ninja Warrior on TV, you might be perplexed by some of the complex obstacles that are featured in the competitions and how they ever came to fruition. Or, if you’re one of our amazing members participating in obstacle course training in one of our Five Star Ninja Warrior gym…Read More