Ever since the rise of the hit show American Ninja Warrior, ninja classes have been sweeping the nation — being offered in gymnastics gyms and obstacle course gyms alike.

While the benefits ninja warrior classes have to offer for athletes training for obstacle course competitions are well known, they also can be extremely beneficial for your child. They may be too young to be eligible for competitions (the age limit is 21 for most ninja warrior and obstacle course competitions), but youth ninja classes like ours at Five Star Ninja Warrior in Minneapolis can offer kids and young adults a multitude of benefits and provide a fun and healthy activity for them to enjoy with friends while releasing all of their built up energy. So get your kids off their phones and out of the house by registering them for our ninja warrior classes for kids!

Ninja Classes Will Make Your Child Strong

Obstacle courses are designed to provide a full-body workout improving upper body strength and leg strength. By learning how to efficiently use their muscles for climbing ropes and walls, swinging from rings and bars, and the countless other types of obstacles, our junior ninjas gain strength and coordination in their arm and chest muscles. Obstacles in our ninja classes like the Jumping Spider and Paddle Boards also strengthen children’s legs — challenging them to further their fitness in a fun way as they compete against friends.

We know all kids, just like adults, have varying levels of physical fitness coming into our obstacle gym. That’s why we never throw them right into the Salmon Ladder or the other biggest and baddest obstacles. We take a progressive method to our youth ninja classes.  Before even approaching obstacles, we teach training methods to get the body’s muscles acclimated to the types of strains they will receive on the course — allowing them to work up to new and greater challenges with each class.

Joining A Ninja Warrior Gym Improves Agility

Speed and agility are two fitness aspects that can benefit your health and wellness for years to come when they are instilled at a young age. They are the two main components behind most sports, and a ninja warrior gym is a perfect place for your child to improve their own. Ninja warriors have to be quick and agile in order to overcome the challenges of obstacles. This improves mental and physical skills that can be applied in any active sport.

Ninja Classes Will Increase Your Child’s Flexibility

Ninja warriors have to be incredibly flexible in order to maneuver their bodies through obstacles. Having your child or teen improve their flexibility can help them in a multitude of manners:

  • Improve performance in physical activities
  • Decrease the risk of injuries when being active
  • Assist your joints in moving full their full range of capable motion
  • Enable muscles to work more efficiently

Improve Balance And Coordination

Is your child quite simply a klutz? Well, by letting them try out ninja warrior classes, they may not become the next Ninja Warrior champion, but they will certainly become more coordinated as a result. Improving coordination can help your child to feel more confident in trying other new things in their lives without being concerned with the potential of embarrassing themselves. All of the games and exercises they will partake in at a Ninja Warrior gym will help your child’s body and brain become more in sync — opening up an entirely new door of possibilities for what they are capable of accomplishing if they set their minds to it!

Prevent Injuries

While we already noted that the improved flexibility you can expect your child to acquire from attending ninja classes will help prevent them from getting injured, there are also other ways we help prevent injuries. Before approaching obstacle courses, we teach our students methods for how to fall safely, which keeps them from getting hurt in our ninja warrior gym. Once these falling methods are learned, they can apply to them to the playground, the big game, or whatever other adventures they may find themselves on as kids — making them less injury-prone out in the world.

If you think the benefits provided by our kids’ ninja classes could be advantageous for your child or teen, reach out to us at Five Star Ninja Warrior in Minneapolis to learn more or sign them up for an open class to let them try out the ninja training program for themselves.

We offer two different youth classes for ages six and up, as well as young adults ages 12-21.

You can view the schedule of our open classes or go ahead and register for a membership today for just $79 a month.

Kids Youth Team Program – 8 Weeks

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