The Problem With Boys Fitness Today

Overall, the needs of little boys are not being fully met in today’s society. They’re not being met at school, at home, and now even with sports. Parents and coaches alike have become so overly regimented in competition, training, records, and statistics that they’ve forgotten what they got their child involved in sports for in the first place — pure active fun.

Studies show that boys’ and girls’ brains simply function differently. With boys, movement, confidence, and ultimately success are all interconnected with one another. Your little guy needs that fidget spinner because his brains quite simply demand it, and as a whole, our society is not giving boys enough time to…well, fidget. Unfortunately,  in most cases, when young boys begin to start bouncing off the walls, many parents are putting them on medicine for hyperactivity rather than giving them a channel to output this energy in a productive manner. Because of this, many boys are resulting to burying themselves in the couch playing video games, constantly trolling the internet, and avoiding sports of any type because they’ve been burned out from their medication combined with the lack of encouraging sports activities that aren’t run like they’re playing in the Super Bowl or the World Cup every weekend.

Why Ninja Warrior Training Works For Boys

While other sports traditionally played by boys at a young age like soccer, basketball, baseball, and even “Friday Night Tykes” football can teach your child valuable lessons in teamwork, discipline, and achieving goals, parents tell us constantly that ninja warrior training holds the interest of these hyperactive boys more so than anything else they participate in. For many of these little monkeys, it’s heaven, as many of them already see the world as their personal jungle gym. Giving them a safe place to climb and let this energy out while simultaneously learning valuable lessons and getting stronger, faster, and agile makes it something you and your kids can both appreciate and enjoy.

Ninja warrior training is a new form of fitness that has been taking the country by storm, but what is not given enough attention in our eyes is how it could potentially play a large role in the future of keeping young boys involved in fitness activities and on track to live healthy, active lives. Thanks to ninja classes, boys of all ages across the country are getting off the Xbox, putting down their phones and fidget spinners, and having fun while bringing out their inner athlete.

While ninja warrior training may be still a form of training for a cause, as many ninja athletes that use our ninja warrior gym among with others are focused on entering into the big time competitions across the country, the purpose of youth ninja classes are simply to have fun and channel their need to move while learning many of the things they get to see the pros do on television.

Whether it be ninja warrior training, parkour, or even gymnastics or another “movement sport,” it’s time for us to get over our competitive natures and embrace the fact that we can help our nation’s children, and the grassroots of overall health and fitness, by using these outlets to meet the needs of our young boys who will grow to become young men.

If you’d like to let your child try ninja warrior training, you can view the schedule of our open ninja classes to let them give it a try and see if it’s right for them! Or go ahead and register for a membership today for just $79 a month unlimited classes and open gym