When it comes to training for competition as physically demanding as American Ninja Warrior, it takes an extensive amount of preparation and specific exercises to be best-prepared for the variety of daunting obstacles that you will be faced with.

While we at Five Star Ninja Warrior offer ninja warrior training in our gym in Minneapolis to help you get fully prepared for whatever obstacle course competition you may be planning to participate in, we thought that, for those who don’t have the privilege of a ninja warrior gym near them, we would outline a few of the foundational elements that go into ninja warrior training, as well as provide a quick 30-minute workout that you can begin to implement at home or at your local gym to see if you’re truly in ninja warrior shape.

The following are six tips that serve as the foundation for beginning any ninja warrior training:

Get Lean

To navigate through the 50–100 yard “American Ninja Warrior” obstacle course with speed, efficient movements, and be able to project your body while flying through the air and hanging from bars, you will need to be nimble on your feet. Cardio is certainly a major factor to this, along with spending as much time as you can throughout the day on your feet and moving around.

Get A Grip

Grip strength is an essential aspect of being able to complete any form of obstacle course competition, but especially for those typically seen in American Ninja Warrior. You won’t stand a chance on obstacles like the Arm Rings, Salmon Ladder, Devil Steps, and the Pipe Slider without first ensuring your grip strength is up to par.

Get Quick Feet

Most obstacle courses in American Ninja Warrior begin with what’s known as the Quad Step, in which you’re bouncing from side to side at various angles. You’ll also be running across logs or bouncing across giant suspended balls — all of which require you to be very swift on your feet.

Get Flexible

This is another crucial element to being a successful ninja. For the ultimate development of your flexibility, you must first address your muscle integrity with exercises like foam rolling and deep tissue massage, then move on to dynamic flexibility exercises like side-to-side and front-to-back leg swings and arm swings. Finally, include some more challenging flexibility moves that are used in most yoga or gymnastics.

Build Balance

The final, but perhaps most important element of ninja warrior training that can make or break your performance is improving your balance. This is the area that leads to even the fittest American Ninja Warrior contestants failing to complete the courses. For everything from the log walk to wobbling water obstacles to all the other American Ninja Warrior obstacles we’ve already mentioned, the more you can refine your balance, the better prepared you will be to not take a spill into the water or fall off the course.

We hope these tips for ninja warrior training help you in your quest to get into top ninja warrior shape, whether it be for preparing for entering an obstacle course competition or simply for bettering your health and fitness. If you’re in Minnesota and interested in getting ninja warrior training from the pros who have been there, contact our Minneapolis ninja warrior gym to get started or stop in during our open gym hours to see what Five Star Ninja Warrior has to offer you.