Five Star offers a five-tier system

White Star – Signifies Birth:

You are a new warrior who is ready to learn and be part of this journey. You are ready to learn and made a commitment to grow.

Yellow-Signifies Growth:

You have completed your white star obstacle training and passed. As a yellow star warrior you have progressed in your training and ready to tackle the intermediate obstacles.

Blue-Signifies the Blue Sky:

You have taken your skill level to a new height towards the sky. You have been challenged with obstacles given to you andunderstand how to master all beginner and intermediate obstacles. At this level, you should considering competing competitively.

Red – Signifies the Heat:

You are on FIRE! You are able to do most of the obstacles and completed your intermediate training. As an advance warrior, you are able master the courses and teach others. You are the one to watch during competition. Fierce, Competitive, and Burning Hot!

Elite Silver – Signifies Fearless:

The highest rank star. Your ninja skills are impeccable. Every ninja want to be you. To be in this category you must have completed the previous colored stars obstacles, competed in a local or national competition. Some Elite Silver warriors may have appeared on the American Ninja Warrior Show. Elite Silver warriors are sometimes sponsored by the company.